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Rhinolite and Rhinoglide

We apply the following different Rhinolite products and methods.
1. Rhinolite Skim Plaster.
2. Rhinolite Multipurpose Plaster.
3. Gyproc Rhinolite Finishing Plaster
4. Rhinolite Projection Plaster.
5. Rhinolite Jointing Compound.
6. Crete Stone Plaster.
7. As a green solution we can also offer Pratley Pearl as an option.


Using well-known brands such as,
1. Paint Master.
2. Plascon.
3. Dulux.
4. Prominent Paints.

We paint:
a. Commercial, Retail and Industrial buildings interior and exterior. 
b. Homes interior and exterior. 
c. Roof spraying. 
d. Ceiling and Void Spraying.


Core Renovations has a partnership agreement with PEC utilities to do all our electrical installations.
The services we can offer through PEC utilities range from design, installation and maintenance on Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties.

We also provide:
a. Generator & UPS Solutions.
b. Surge Protection.
c. Residential, Commercial and Industrial COC’s.


Our trained teams offer Commercial, Residential and Industrial plumbing services such as: 
a. New installations.
b. Maintenance.

We help our clients with fully functional and easily installed plumbing systems ranging from:
a. Sanitary Installations.
b. Geberit pipes and systems.
c. Hot Water Generation Systems.
d. Heat Pump Systems.
e. Geyser Installations and replacement.
f. Manholes, Soil Drainage, Subsoil Drainage, Storm and Rainwater Disposal.
g. Water back-up system.
h. Solar heating system.
i. Grey water collection systems.


We offer a wide range of shopfitting solutions.
a. Kitchen Design and Installation of residential kitchens.
b. Design and Installation of Retail Shopfitting and Shops.
c. Wooden Decks and Decking detail.
d. Wooden skirtings, Dados and Architraves.
e. Stone, Marble and Quartz.


a. Building cleaning.
b. Concrete floors.
c. Tiles.
d. Commercial and Industrial paving.

We can clean large areas of commercial and industrial paving without using expensive chemicals that damages the environment. Our system uses 60% less water than conventional cleaning systems on the market.
It enables us to clean up to 800m2 per team per 8-hour shift with minimal effort!

Aluminium And Glass

We can assist our clients with a design and installation of well-known brands. 

a. Aluminium doors and windows.
b. Replacement of steel windows with aluminium without breaking out the steel window.
c. Shopfronts.
d. Showers screens.
e. Specialist glass installation.


We can design and install several well-known brands. 

a. Inverter and non-inverter units.
b. Centralised air-conditioning.